A selection from last year's reviews

A selection from last year's reviews

The experiences with Woningdelersclub Amsterdam

If you register with Woningdelersclub Amsterdam you are certainly not the first to use our service. There are already a lot of people in our customer base who make grateful use of our service. We regularly receive nice comments about this.

Some of these reviews:

Miranda, 25 (tenant) : "In the beginning I thought I could arrange everything independently. With the help of Google it had to be possible to find a suitable living space. No way! I found a lot of choices, but I could also eliminate a lot, or the house didn't appeal to me, or I didn't meet the requirements, or I didn't feel good about it. I became despondent. It took me a lot of time and a lot of care that was taken out of my hands when I found the Woningdelersclub. I was able to focus on my studies with peace of mind, the home sharing club has found a partial home for me and has arranged everything for this. ”

Ramon, 32 (tenant) : ”Those guests of the Amsterdam Housing Sharing Club are awesome! I share a home with my college friends. Never thought that could be possible. "

Hans, 49 (landlord) : “In the beginning I was a bit skeptical, a group of home sharers who use my house and my things together. I doubted if that would go well. This group didn't even know each other, is that reliable? Does everyone live up to their agreements? The concern turned out to be unfounded, the Woningdelersclub directed the procedure down to every detail and acted as a point of contact for every question and would also resolve any problems (which were not there). ”

Susan, 23 (tenant) : “I live in a super beautiful location in Amsterdam South together with a few other students. Only I could not have paid for this. A door opened that would otherwise remain closed. I'm not leaving here for now! ”

Martin, 55 (landlord) : "The service from you is super. Custom and personal. My compliments."

Jeroen, 22 (tenant) : “You don't have to be a student to understand that something is difficult to get if there is little supply but a lot of demand. Then you better buy a lottery ticket. This is certainly the case in the market for part tenants. It is difficult for sharers to find a home because fewer homes are available for sharers than for individuals. My chances turned positive when I registered with the Woningdelersclub. These guys made sure that I got a part-house at my disposal relatively quickly. I think I was still searching! "

Marieke, 31 (tenant) : “I initially registered with another organization. Stupid afterwards, this has cost me a lot of money. I paid for an e-mail with a list of properties. Every month immediately after the release of this list there was a run on those properties. It wasn't doing for me, I always felt hopeless. I secretly doubt whether all the properties on the list have been available. I feel like I have paid for air. "

Ruud, 40 (landlord) : “As a landlord you naturally try to generate as much revenue as possible from your house. Housing sharing has a positive influence on this. I certainly have more income from my home. For individual tenants I would charge a monthly rental amount of € 1300. Now I rent out my home to three sharers who each pay € 500 rent. That way I get extra income from the same property every month. I would have been crazy if I had not done this. I am not a thief of my own wallet. "

Sandra, 30 (tenant) : “I came to study in Amsterdam and I was interested in housing. This has many benefits. But then comes the biggest problem: with whom then? You can look around on the internet but you never know who you will find ... I thought that was pretty scary. The Woningdelersclub has given me very good guidance in this. You don't expect that from such a club. In many cases you see that going in a different way. Now I share my rental home with some very nice, reliable and pleasant people. I certainly do not regret this! ”

Rebecca, 38 (tenant) : ”I live in a nice location in the center of Amsterdam. I could never have paid for this location. Sharing the property gave me opportunities. Now I even notice that I have more money left over by this housing division! I also save money on daily costs. I had never thought of that. Now I have the money to grab a nice terrace more often, there are plenty in Amsterdam! ”

Franca, 46 (landlord) : "Woningdelersclub Amsterdam thanks!"


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